Affection (2021)

Affection (2021)

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Other name: 연모 Yeonmo

Director: Song Hyeon Wook [송현욱]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance

Airs: Aug 04, 2020


“Yeonmo” is a story about a forgotten king who does not exist in any part of history. This tragic king has to hide the fact that she is actually a woman. The drama will portray the thrilling romance between the king who is a woman and the handsome characters around her against the backdrop of the dangerous and strict palace. Lee Hwi, a female king with a heavy secret. Lee Hwi is described as having porcelain skin, ice cold eyes, and fine looks that is at the border between a handsome man and a beautiful woman. She is constantly struggling to hide her identity, and she wears a poker face to mask the truth. Adapted from a manhwa of the same name.
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