Hot Blood Band

Hot Blood Band

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Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Chef Zhao blood group (Chen Xiang ornaments), facing the old factory transformed into avant-garde art district. Under the wheel of the times, the decades-old canteen is also facing closure. Canteen staff raised the one hundred thousand hard-earned money to the contractor canteen. An accident, proficient fights with young chef cooking Zhao Qun and serious do not fly Uncle old iron (Indah ornaments) to one hundred thousand flames. To make this a "large sums of money" hole, they try all kinds of ways to make money, even desperate to sell their bodies, in almost desperation, suddenly saw a glimmer of hope, a super-winning band contest blood-day mission is about to begin ! In order to keep the canteen to get awards, they turned and former music master, and ultimately to find a once legendary guitarist Huang (Anthony Wong) and pipa master hidden in a small barber shop in the old Yan (Leon Dai ornaments). Thus, a handsome lead after three hand in all sorts of ridiculous uncle suffering, "the big kitchen knife," the band eventually became a wonderful flower history proved not know is not a good guy singing famous cook.
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