Im a Cyborg But Thats OK

Im a Cyborg But Thats OK

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Other name: 싸이보그지만 괜찮아 Ssaibogeujiman Gwaenchanha

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Young-Goon (Lim Soo-Jung) works at manufacturing plant assembling radio’s. She also has a secret - which is Young-Goon believes she is a cyborg. One day, while working at the factory, she decides to re-charge herself by slashing her wrist and implanting electrical wires into her arm. Her action gets Young-Goon a ticket into New World, a mental hospital full of bizarre characters. At New World, Young-Goon spends her time listening to the radio, talking with vending machines, and licking the terminals of 9 volt batteries. She soon encounters a guy named Il-Sun (Rain) just as eccentric as her. Formerly an electrician, Il-Sun is a thief of souls in the mental hospital. He believes that he has the power to steal the characteristics of other people. Young-Goon and Il-Sun soon form a strong bond as their odd personalities complements each other perfectly. Unfortunately, Young-Goon becomes gravely ill from malnutrition. Young-Goon doesn't believe cyborgs should eat human food. She soon loses most of her energy and becomes bedridden. Doctors say that Young-Goon has only a few more days to live if she continues her ways. Il-Sun must now find a way to connect to her soul and save her from imminent death.
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