If You Were Me 4

If You Were Me 4

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Other name: 시선 1318 달리는 차은 Siseon 1318 Dallineun Chaeun Girl on the Run

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2009

Genre: Drama, School, Youth


Following the previous projects since (2003), (2008) is the fourth omnibus project describing the theme of human rights. The fourth project is comprised of five short films made by five directors. The five shorts included in are as follows: “Blue Birds on the Desk” deals with stress from extreme overload of schoolwork, “U and Me” shows fear about uncertain future of teenagers, “Relay” is about concerns of teenage single mothers, “The Theory & Practice of Teenage Drama” is a portrait of today’s youth living in times of serious unemployment, “Girl on the Run” is a story about insecure futures of those students pursuing a career in sports.
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