Horseplay 2014

Horseplay 2014

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Other name: 盗马记 Fan Ma Ji Fan Ma Gei Horse Trader 贩马记 販馬記

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy, Crime


While interviewing for a relics smuggling case in London, television hostess Ha Mui (Kelly Chen) meets multi-faced thief Nine-Tailed Fox (Tony Leung) and washed out police detective Cheung Ho (Ekin Cheng). One wants to reveal the truth, one wants to steal the "Tang Dynasty Pottery Horse" and one wants to bring criminals to justice. The three of them have different goals, but they must work together to acquire the pottery, which also results in the hunt for Nine-Tailed Fox by his rivals. What will be the final outcome?
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