Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies

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Other name: 나의 절친 악당들 No Today For Us There's No Today My Friendly Menaces My Friendly Villains Naui Jeolchin Akdangdeul

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime


In an empty street, a car secretly delivering a moneybag encounters an unexpected accident. Ji Noo, following after the car, Na Mi, a tow truck driver patrol around the scene, and Yakuboo from an auto junkyard chance upon the money bag and decide to split the money, thus becoming involved in a dangerous case. While they get chased by the ruthless money bag owner, Ji Noo and Na Mi get attracted to each other. Now a thrilling race of feisty, bold and intimate friend begins.
Cat Stars
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